Registered Phenomena Code: 155

Object Class: Gamma-Orange

Hazard Types: Aquatic Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Contact Hazard, Explosive Hazard, Aggression Hazard, Ecological Hazard, Corrosive Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-155-A instances are to be checked for RPC-155 manifestations at all times, using disguised Authority informants, planes and ships. Large urban centers near Lake Erie's zone are to be submitted into mass Class G Amnestics protocols. All waste found inside Lake Erie is to be immediately removed. In the case of RPC-155-A instances roaming free, MST Charlie-2 "Firefighters" is to be deployed into the location and terminate the RPC-155-A instance.

Description: RPC-155 is a phenomenon affecting Lake Erie, located in The Great Lakes. RPC-155 manifests itself when at least ~63% of the water in a concentrated location inside Lake Erie is contaminated with non-organic materials1, this zone must also be 2m2 in size or more for RPC-155 to appear. RPC-155 causes waste to spontaneously combust. The fire of RPC-155 creates high amounts of sulfur2. Waste caught in the fire of RPC-155 will bubble up and develop a thick layer of detritus, held by the sulfur produced by RPC-155. The collection of waste past this point is hereby named RPC-155-A.

Individual RPC-155-A instances are completely sentient and able to move as a homogeneous mass at its early stages. After approx. 2 minutes3, the RPC-155-A instance will develop a humanoid form, this form can vary in length and width. RPC-155-A are capable of locomotion and will try to reach the closest sectors containing living organic material. RPC-155-A are hostile to all living beings. If an RPC-155-A instance incapacitates another locomotive, living being, it will liquidify and consume the subject. The subject will quickly transform to non-organic detritus after entering the RPC-155-A's mass.

RPC-155 was originally contained inside the Cuyahoga River, but due to environmental meddling by unknown conspirators in ██/██/2001, RPC-155 was restored to spread to RPC-155-1. The first strain of RPC-155 after its temporary neutralization occurred after an unnamed cargo ship sunk west of Lake Erie, said cargo ship contained large amounts of organic and non-organic waste. The ship was sunk by an explosion, theorized to be caused by thermite charges on the lower sectors of the ship. The incident caused ██ RPC-155-A entities to manifest in the area, which were contained and neutralized before the RPC-155-A instances could reach land.

Addendum 155-1: After testing with various wrecks inside Lake Erie, the reports of random movements in the bottom of the lake have been confirmed. Reports of lights under RPC-155-1's sand have been investigated, lights confirmed coming from high-temperature sectors containing termite, ████ and ████████████████. The reason why water around these areas does not boil is unknown.

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