A Tale of Three Brothers




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There were once 3 brothers who found themselves in the holiest of cites. While on their journey they came across a peculiar object. The item that they knew about but knew not what it was capable of was grand and each had their own ideas as to what to do with it.

The First Brother, the oldest and most curious, wished to understand the object more. "Would be an insult to mankind not to," he declared, and as the other 2 acted on their own, so did the oldest. The First Brother began with prisoners of war, taken from the Crusades. He'd have them touch the object then he'd have them set it ablaze. "What horrid curse befalls this thing?" The First Brother cried. Having run out of prisoners, he went to civilians. "'Tis for the greater good that we might understand God's ways more," he would tell them.

Years had gone by and the Object drove the brother into madness. "How many have I slain, how many have I sent to the void only to learn nothing?" Desperate for answers, The First Brother took off his own garments and touched the Object, killing him. So it had passed that the Object had killed The First Brother.

The answers must be found at all costs.

The Second Brother, the strongest and bravest, left his other two brothers at the sight of the Object. "We must defend civilians from it so that we might shield ourselves from its vial." The Second Brother would spend his time from that point forward building armies and misleading the public to what his brothers had found. In time the men he had hired had questions of their own. "Surely you plan to show us what the Object is?" They would ask. The Second Brother did not take kindly to this. "None must know!" As he lifted his sword and struck down his office. Shortly after, many of the men left his side.

The Second Brother would continue his mission for many years until one day he had found The First Brother dead near the Object. During his attempts to recover his brother, the Object spoke to him. "Weak, he was weak but you are strong." The Second Brother raised his sword but was struck down by the Object before he could finish his strike. So it had passed that the Object had killed The Second Brother.

Stand your ground, no matter the costs.

The Third Brother, the youngest and most intelligent, wished to protect the Object itself. "First we build the wall around the holy city, then around the area, then finally the Object." The Third Brother began to gather materials, demanding the finest of metals and heaviest of rocks. "Let there be no holes for the enemy to get through, for if they do we shall be doomed." With the information gathered from The First Brother and the security provided by The Second Brother, The Third Brother had created a room just for the Object.

Years had gone by and The Third Brother had suffered the passing of his two brothers. Regardless, The Third Brother began to feel for the Object as if it wanted him to stand his ground. The Third Brother ignored the call to retreat when infidels came back to the holy city. So it had passed that the Object had killed The Third Brother.

Defend the item, disregard all other costs.

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