942 Containment Logs

Credentials Accepted.

RPC-942 has gone through 2 previous methods of containment before its current containment protocols were put into use. This document exists for archival purposes in the event alternate methods of containment arise.

Containment Log 942.1:

RPC-942's containment chamber was originally a 10ft3vacuum sealed chamber, designed to keep RPC-942 in place via suction. These containment protocols only worked for a few hours, as RPC-942 managed to malfunction the suction system, breaking the machine entirely.

It was later discovered that RPC-942 had excreted high volumes of the unknown black substance to clog the suction device. Other related attempts to use suction to restrain RPC-942 have only provided temporary containment. Rendering vacuum methods as emergency only.

Containment Log 942.2:

RPC-942's containment chamber remained the same in its dimensions, the chamber was equipped with a unit that produced large amounts of refrigerant to test the properties of RPC-942's mist.

The refrigerant unit was meant to lower the temperature within the containment chamber, in hopes that freezing temperatures would slow and/or freeze RPC-942. Initial tests showed some success in slowing down RPC-942's movements. However, RPC-942 soon reacted and began to manipulate air currents to generate heat within the chamber, negating the refrigeration.

RPC-942 generated enough heat to malfunction the refrigerant unit, however it was discovered that RPC-942 inhibits reaction to loud noises, as the unit began to make loud screeching noises from internal parts scraping together. Causing RPC-942 to react and flee towards a corner of its cell. The refrigeration method is deemed ineffective for long-term containment.

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