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Credentials accepted. Welcome, Counselor.

Reminder of Patient Confidentiality: RPC-886's files are private and confidential like any other site employee undergoing psychiatric counseling. Unless for security purposes, information within interview logs are to be considered confidential and not for public dissemination. Leakage of information will be dealt with as a standard breach of confidentiality.

Registered Phenomena Code: 886
Birth name: Shiomi-No-Sae
Birth date: Unknown, estimated late Edo (early 1800s)
Country of origin: Japan
Security Clearance Level: 1
Site Occupation: Cook, Security, Anomalous Enhancement
Primary Oldham Personality Type: Devoted


While initially shaken by the abrupt reunion with its sibling, RPC-886 has recovered and displayed psychological improvement in receiving confirmation that it is not the very last of its species. Despite this, it now considers itself having significantly deviated into an outcast from the rest of its kind, and in turn highly reluctant in reuniting with them. This mentality is not to be reinforced, but neither is it to be directly discouraged.

Cross-interaction with RPC-867 produced favorable results.

Psychological disorders:

Manifestation: Occasional moderate-severe drop in mood. Lethargy, prioritizes sleeping over other active duties.
Cause: Prolonged loneliness, isolation and uncertainty of own species' disappearance, including sibling.
Treatment: Standard counseling. To advise/encourage regular site personnel to interact positively with RPC-886 to help alleviate symptoms and promote a sense of wellbeing and belonging, which in turn promotes loyalty toward the Authority and suppresses any desire to breach containment.

Complex PTSD
Manifestation: Agitation and immediate anger on certain trigger conditions being met1, possibly escalating to direct assault of antagonizing factor via anomalous means. Occasional flashback of core traumatic event that may disrupt sleep. Possibility of distraught crying/hyperventilation during attacks.
Cause: Direct witnessing of atomic bombing of Hiroshima, including the consequence of remaining in Hiroshima for the following month to assist in relief efforts. See Interview Logs 4 and 5.
Treatment: PTSD counseling. For personnel to NOT speak trigger phrases within hearing distance of RPC-886.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Manifestation: Obsessive cleaning disorder on detection of fecal smells. Absolute intolerance for the presence of mosquitoes or flies. Will halt active tasks to intensely observe mosquitoes/flies before incinerating with anomalous pyrokinesis.
Cause: Voluntary work within Hiroshima Hospital under sub-par conditions. See Interview Log 5.
Treatment: While undergoing standard counseling, RPC-886's OCD has been alleviated by provision of scented candles, disinfectant and the generally clean environment of Site-089.

Manifestation: Agitation and attempt to hide/escape upon detecting canine presence, intensifies with barking noises produced by canine personnel.
Cause: Allegedly innate/genetic trait of RPC-886's race.
Treatment: No plans to treat. Alongside standard security protocols, canine patrol unit to also serve as a final preventative measure from any attempts at containment breach.

Formal Interview Logs

Unless stated otherwise, interviews are carried out in Japanese.

When I visited her quarters some time after Interview 6 RPC-886 confessed to me that she knows Americans are not innately evil. She recalls that in the time she worked as a nurse she briefly journeyed from the hospital and came upon American PoWs being confronted by an angry mob. She tried and failed to save them from being lynched. She just wanted something to blame for centuries of loneliness and depression from losing her family, not helped by the traumatic events following the bomb which reinforced her attitude that the time of her kind has passed.

Nevertheless she has agreed to discuss her issues where necessary in her monthly psych evaluations. The copy of "Hiroshima Diary" has been left with RPC-886 to keep and read, a memento of a good man who she worked under.

Dr. Kawada Ippei

Most of you are aware that I do not approve of what I view as the pampering of RPC-886; I care not for her sob stories, and I voted against the construction of her Hokora. We are a containment facility, not a luxury resort for the paranormal. I remain unconvinced by 886's shows of good faith, and I shall continue to believe she observes the facility's patterns carefully, in consideration of the possibility of the day she might wish to escape. To continue looking for her kin. I don't believe her saying she's given up on it, I simply don't. The bonds of family can be a very strong thing, especially in the unexplainably forced separation of it.

Most of you are also aware that I am a practitioner of Shinto. I could not visit my hometown's temple for Hatsumode so I paid respects at the next closest shrine. 886's shrine. I may deny 886, but I cannot deny my own traditional upbringing. As long as I have done my ritual and if it keeps 886 contained, I do whatever I have to. She looked genuinely happy that I followed the proper purification protocols prior to paying respects. I couldn't care less, whatever keeps her confined here.

…I saw the bullets curve away from me. I saw the shield hanging over my fragile life, placed by 886. A feat at a distance this short should be only possible with the aid of extremely powerful electromagnets, instead accomplished with the clap of clean hands and the smile of a fox.

I still do not approve of RPC-886, but I would be a fool to deny gratitude where it is warranted.

Take this from a believing disbeliever: I recommend all staff, particularly security, to take advantage of this feature while it remains. There is no telling when 886 decides her time is done in this facility and proceeds to jinx her way out. Make use of it while she's here.

Sr. Researcher Junichiro

Informal Interview Logs

Note that this collection of recorded transcripts are performed informally by various members of staff engaging in casual conversation with RPC-886 in the Cafeteria, Site Corridors or her containment cell. Staff are encouraged to continue interacting with RPC-886 and adding information gleaned where necessary.

Update 1

RPC-486's return and reunion

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RPC-702 cross-interactions

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