886 Experiment Logs

Credentials accepted. Welcome, Researcher.

Phase 1 experimentation
Goals: Assessment of protective effects. RPC-886 will be interviewed and examined simultaneously to determine the scope of awareness involving the use of its effects.

Test Subjects: Several non-anomalous crash test dummies granted protective effects by RPC-886.

CSD-class instructed to attack a dummy with a knife.
Results: CSD-class able to chip edges of dummy, but spends most of test missing, slipping on the floor and/or dropping the knife.
RPC-886's Reaction: Comments it can sense an effect being slightly used.

CSD-class instructed to shoot a dummy with a standard-issue handgun at a distance of 20/15/10/5 meters. Test repeated with a shotgun.
Results: Shots more likely to miss with greater distance, but only cause grazing wounds the closer the CSD-class approaches the dummy. Similar results with shotgun.
RPC-886's Reaction: Identical to test 1, but notes feeling a sense of greater danger.

CSD-class instructed to blow up a dummy with bombs; given mechanical, chemical and electronic fuses.
Results: All bombs anomalously fail to detonate. CSD-class instructed to return bombs to storage, and upon reaching a sufficient distance from the dummy all bombs go off, killing the CSD-class and security personnel and injuring researchers. Protocols updated. 886 NOT to be informed of deaths at strong recommendation of counselors.
RPC-886's Reaction: Detected a great amount of danger, relieved that target was protected.

CSD-class instructed to incinerate a dummy with a flamethrower at a distance of 20/15/10/5 meters.
Results: Flames appear to weave around dummy, but as CSD-class comes closer dummy begins to ignite due to convectional heat currents, showing that protective effects have their limits.
RPC-886's Reaction: Openly fearful, correctly determines the usage of fire.

Security personnel firing a tank shell at a dummy.
Results: Shell barely misses dummy and strikes the reinforced bulkhead 20 meters behind dummy. Trajectory course-corrected to strike the ground 5 meters to the side of dummy. Dummy badly damaged by blast wave and shrapnel. 886 shocked by an effect being shattered in one blow. Being relayed this info, personnel load cannon once more and fire at dummy. Dummy obliterated. Test 5 corroborates with test 4 to show that effects have an upper limit and can be bypassed or broken with sufficient indirect destructive force.
RPC-886's Reaction: Jumps and gasps loudly, proclaims that the effect was shattered.

Dummy is fed to RPC-███.
Results: [DATA EXPUNGED], RPC-███ visibly exhausted by the effect and suffers a sprained jaw. RPC-███ later comes down with stomach troubles that puts it in a lethargic state. Test indicates effects have cross-effect vs. other paranormal entities that might prove viable with further testing.
RPC-886's Reaction: Openly discomforted, does not wish to describe what it had felt.

Conclusion: Testing indicates that effects are purely defensive in nature and does not actively place attackers in any sort of harm. Observation of RPC-886 also shows that it is aware of an effect being activated and the nature of harm affecting it, but does not possess awareness of the situation or status of anomalously altered subjects at the testing zone beyond the usage of fire.

Phase 2 experimentation
Goals: Live-testing of effects to determine their efficacy in the protection and optimal preservation of personnel.

Test Subjects: Several CSD-class. During administration of effects RPC-886 expresses displeasure at a certain "odor" several appear to be giving off1.

Anomalously-Affected CSD-class2 instructed to attack another Anomalously-Affected CSD-class with a knife.
Results: Inconclusive, test aborted when it became evident that both CSD-class were unable to harm each other. The knife exchanged hands frequently as both CSD-class slipped and missed and dodged attacks repeatedly.
RPC-886's Reaction: Expresses confusion that similarly-affected individuals are fighting each other.
Addendum 1: Unaffected CSD-class3 instructed to attack an AA-CSD with a knife. Results: AA-CSD disarms U-CSD with a lucky strike of the hand during the scuffle. Knife slides beyond reach of both CSD-class.
Addendum 2: AA-CSD, agitated, refuses to leave testing room. Security guard wielding a baton enters testing room to bring AA-CSD in, struck unconscious with a lucky punch during the struggle. AA-CSD surrenders when additional security staff enter with firearms trained upon him.

U-CSD instructed to terminate AA-CSD via firearm for an immediate pardon and release. U-CSD provided an automatic rifle with five clips of ammunition. AA-CSD given a standard issue security pistol and is not provided instructions.
Results: U-CSD fires away on AA-CSD as AA-CSD runs around the empty testing room screaming, but all shots either miss or cause minor graze wounds. AA-CSD shields his face with his arm, points his pistol in the direction of U-CSD and fires. U-CSD terminated via headshot.

U-CSD instructed to blow up AA-CSD with bombs.
Results: Bombs fail to go off. U-CSD instructed to untie AA-CSD and both are to walk to the far end of the room. Bombs detonate once both CSD-class reach a safe distance.

U-CSD instructed to incinerate AA-CSD with a flamethrower.
Results: AA-CSD suffers second degree burns and heat-stroke. This demonstrates that protective effect fares poorly against fire, and cannot shield properly against secondary burns caused by heat convection.

Security personnel firing tank shells at a bound AA-CSD in manners identical to Phase 1 Test #5.
Results: Protective effect broken and AA-CSD terminated. Results identical to Phase 1 Test #5.

CSD-9946 residing within Site-███ (formerly known as PoI-23004) at Ireland, is provided an article of RPC-886-1 exported to Site-███ for this test. CSD-9946 is then pushed into RPC-315's containment cell prompting the following conversation:



After [DATA EXPUNGED] which took over ██ minutes and ended in the destruction of the RPC-886-1 article, CSD-9946's remains are scraped off the floor and walls by janitorial staff. RPC-315 is shown to be visibly exhausted by the ordeal to the point of physical incapacitation and performs none of its standard "pranks" or verbal insults towards janitorial staff. While removing CSD-9946's remains the the following quote was overheard amidst RPC-315's labored breathing:

Ain't no tricksy fox'll get the better o'me.

RPC-315 has refused to elaborate upon the remark in subsequent interviews5, raising questions of mythological entities possessing awareness of foreign mythological culture and entities. Viability of RPC-886-1 to protect against non-Japanese paranormal entities confirmed, further testing is required. CSD-9946 reformed from his remains after the standard 10 minutes have passed, bearing a high state of agitation and hysteria.

Future experiments to stop using CSD-class from this point on due to extreme difficulty in re-containing CSD-class; protective effect continues working as-intended, possibly making their detainment difficult. RPC-886 made to retract effects upon surviving CSD-class.

Conclusion: Effects are chiefly centered around enhancing defensive acumen. Enhancements towards offensive acumen are possible, but this occurs only in circumstances when one acts offensively for the sake of self-protection once all other defensive options have been exhausted.

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