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User authentication passed: Welcome, Officer.

Reminder of Security Confidentiality: RPC-486's security and disciplinary records must be kept private and confidential. Making jokes or commenting on the contents of this file, however amusing they may be, will be treated as a breach of security vulnerabilities, doubly-so if a disguised/nearby RPC-486 eavesdrops and learns of the data-recording methods placed on it and human(s) it has shown an interest in.

Registered Phenomena Code: 486
Birth name: Mishio-No-Sae
Birth date: Unknown, estimated late Edo (early 1800s)
Country of origin: Japan
Security Clearance Level: Stolen Nil
Site Occupation: Nuisance Nil, occasionally detects deviant personnel
Primary Oldham Personality Type: Antisocial


RPC-486 has quickly established itself as a regular nuisance (particularly for one Senior Researcher); It has shown itself capable of causing great site havoc and has proven itself talented at adapting its tactics towards infiltrating Site-089. However, 486 is unlikely to do anything dangerous, given our hold and containment over its sister: RPC-886. As long as no one makes any serious attempts to attack and/or injure it, it is unlikely to do anything drastic and merely sticks to glares and petty insults.

For its merits: 486 has at least demonstrated some use by detecting and rooting out a few rogue personnel - if not for our benefit, for 886's. Plus, its frequent infiltration attempts have caused us to find many flaws in site security and infrastructure that we have addressed. Finally, it should be said that those who have absolutely no qualms with, or even take the time to treat 486 amicably (such as the Janitorial department) are completely spared from any ensuing mischief.

We believe that while 486 is highly reluctant to admit to anything in favour of the Authority, there is a palpable sense of relief and gratitude that its sister is being well taken care of. Its stubborn and rebellious nature nevertheless compels it to frequently break in to visit and badger its long-refusing sister to leave.

Nobihiro Hiroji
Head of Site Security

(INACTIVE) Containment attempts

Notice: As of 07/01/202█, all coordinated capture operations have been archived as outdated data. No further capture attempts are to be approved.

Major/Noteworthy incidents

Tabled list of experimental expulsion techniques

NOTICE: While shown to work, excessive and/or repetitive usage of the following methods may desensitize RPC-486 towards them. Additionally, unauthorized personnel who attempt to 'join in on the action' and perform these improperly may instead be subjected to retaliation, i.e. The exposure of Rsc. N████'s alopecia and destruction of his wig on the kitchen stove.2

Technique Result w/ notes
Throwing roasted soybeans For unknown reasons RPC-486 does not retaliate upon having beans thrown at it, only yelling back at personnel that A) It is not an Oni, and B) "This isn't ████████, you [EXPLETIVES]". This may be repeated until RPC-486 leaves the site voluntarily to avoid further peltings.
Approaching with arms raised sideways RPC-486 was successfully tricked into thinking the "T-pose", supplemented with the description of "Asserting dominance", is a new-age containment ritual that cannot be countered against3. RPC-486 now flees from personnel of sufficient confidence performing this pose whilst chasing it.

An attempt to nullify this repelling technique in lieu of formal containment attempts (see above) only further cemented RPC-486's misunderstanding (see below).
RPC-702 RPC-486's severe ophidophobia causes it to scream uncontrollably at the sight of RPC-702, immediately alerting RPC-702 to its presence and causing it to enthusiastically pursue RPC-486 for affection(much to the latter's horror). Such pursuits usually result in RPC-486 exiting Site-089 at record-breaking speeds, closely followed by RPC-702.4
Vacuum cleaners RPC-486 strongly dislikes the loud sounds a vacuum cleaner produces and is repelled accordingly. Additionally, watching clips of the 1984 film "G████ B██████", then getting one of its tails sucked into an active cleaner has caused it to now change directions at the sight of one.

It is noted that RPC-886 has no issues whatsoever with using a vacuum cleaner during cleaning duties and declines to comment on its sibling's reactions.

Remote surveillance logs

Surveillance logs are gathered from a mix of long-range microphones oriented towards, as well bugs placed within RPC-486's habitat. RPC-486 currently suspects the usage of supernatural bugging methods that it is unable to detect/counteract, and must not learn of the technological nature of its surveillance.

Acquisition log of Informal Designations

The following logs are presented for purely referential purposes. It is discouraged from mentioning these titles towards RPC-486, as any personnel that does risks being targeted by RPC-486. In such an event that RPC-486 is sufficiently provoked to retaliate, the RPC Authority is henceforth absolved of any wrongdoing of subsequent mishaps, accidents, curses, injuries, pranks, humiliation, theft of personal belongings, slander and/or hurt feelings encountered by said personnel.

Individuals of note

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