12 Subjects Injured By Flying Shrapnel




Hey there, I am Better My Butter, and this is my art entry to the 2022 RPC Minimalist Contest, featuring RPC-809.

This piece, currently titled 12 Subjects Injured By Flying Shrapnel, depicts several figures impaled by debris projected by a sign decrying bicycles. The subjects are represented by the triangle-headed entities while the gray lines represent the debris that is injuring them.

The circles filled with lines may initially be regarded as the wheels of the bikes the subjects may have been riding in order to inure the ire of the sign in question, but in actuality, the circles are a red herring, instead representing the thoughts of the afflicted figures. Their thoughts are haphazard, sharp and angular, incomprehensible yet still bearing a recognizable pattern. The sign prohibits the presence of bikes, so an actual bike could not be included within this piece without compromising my artistic integrity.

The figures in question are L-2 CSD personnel of the “RPC Authority”, the titular fictional organization of the RPC Authority Wiki to which this entry was submitted and by which the current contest is held. They are featured within DoubleDenial’s own entry to the 2022 RPC Minimalist Contest, “You Son of a B*tch, I Said No Bikes”.

“You Son of a B*tch, I Said No Bikes” is a work that is entirely separate from this piece, but nonetheless connected as I took great inspiration from that entry for my own art, namely, the subject matter, Trial Zero-Five, where thirty L-2 CSD Subjects are instructed to circle around the central figure of “You Son of a B*tch, I Said No Bikes”, a square sign.

Prior to the CSDs departure on their fated endeavor to circumnavigate the sign, it is already established within the prose that the anomaly featured discourages the use of bicycles within the confines of its area of effect via its supernatural properties that can cause bodily discomfort and pain. Yet they depart all the same, and it is in this trial that the overwhelming presence of bikes and their riders that causes the sign to suddenly and violently detonate.

When I created this, the first thing that came to me would be to capture the futility of it, that split second between realization of the act and possible frustration of the fact that the test was mostly pointless. There was no need for it. It was senseless violence.

The man in the lower right is the Chairman and CEO of the Microsoft Corporation Satya Nadella. I don’t remember why I put him there, I think he just completed the contrast in color.

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