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Item #: RPC-001


RPC-001, emitting "flares"

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-001 is located in the dedicated observation chamber at OL-Site-12. Due to the anomalous properties detailed below, relocating RPC-001 is currently impossible. Two guards equipped with echolocating (blind) visors are to be stationed outside of RPC-001's observation chamber to remove/assist any personnel who have been directly exposed to the hypnotic effects of RPC-001.

Description: RPC-001 is a large black sphere of unknown substance or origin, measuring slightly under 1 meter in diameter. The sphere is not solid, and is not displaced when objects are placed within.

RPC-001 absorbs certain frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, though the specific frequencies absorbed do not remain constant, with the exception of the frequency ranges ██-██████ kHz, and ██████-██████ kHz (this includes the visible spectrum). Light absorbed by RPC-001 is released along the edges of RPC-001 in small bursts (known as "flares") lasting approximately 1 to 5 seconds. Flares occur less than 10 hours after light exposure, and only radiate electromagnetic frequencies which RPC-001 has been exposed to within that time. Additionally, a flare has never occured in the direction of a conscious observer under the influence of RPC-001. Frequencies not absorbed seem to have no effect on RPC-001, nor are they affected by it.

When viewed by a conscious subject, RPC-001 imbues the subject with an experience which has been described as "[implying] a larger conversation, but… insignificant on it's own" (see test log 001-█). The experience consists of an entire conscious moment, with consistent sensory inputs (field of vision, auditory input, etc.) and a consistent accompanying thought. The moment does not change with time, despite presenting the phenomena of the passage of time within itself.

Those who have experienced the effects of RPC-001 claim that the thought can be best described as preparing to say the words "Every man says he would, yet we know some did not", (slightly over half of personnel tested actually vocalized this phrase immediately upon being freed of the effects of RPC-001) which the speaker is presenting as a rebuttal in a larger (as of yet unknown) argument.
Because this conscious moment encompasses all the mental faculties of those subject to it, one who has looked directly into RPC-001 cannot remove themselves without outside intervention.

There has been some difficulty discerning the exact details and source of the moment presented by RPC-001, due mostly to the attention of the subject. Though personnel subject to the effects of RPC-001 claim that the moment includes a vision of a night sky, no information relevant to location can be determined because the subject was not focused on the constellations present, or other relevant astronomical details (and therefore, Authority personnel sharing their experience are not, either). Additionally, details about the identity or body of the subject cannot be determined for similar reasons, despite personnel subject to RPC-001 describing feeling immersed in an identity and body which is not their own.

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